$30 Trillion in Assets are at the Edge of the Cliff

That's the amount that Accenture estimates to be transferred between generations in the next 30 years. Losing Advisors or Agents to retirement, death, or attrition is scary enough but even scarier is that 51% of heirs have never met their parents' advisors and 49% of them will move their inheritance from their parents' advisors. With no formal succession strategy in place, that's a lot of money for the taking due to a lack of secured relationships.

Agents Feel the Industry is Failing Them

Perception is reality.
John Hancock found that over 75% of Advisors would actually switch firms to get the support they need. For those companies ahead of the curve and who have a formal succession strategy in place, this is a boon. For those who have yet to provide their Agents or Advisors with support, this is just advancing the problem to critical levels.