The Time to Take Action is Now.

According to a study by the Financial Planning Association and
Janus Henderson Investors 73% of financial advisors lack a formal succession plan.
Now is the time to support your distribution network's transition goals.



Advisor Engagement

Our white-labeled, closed market place provides a simple and comfortable consumer-like experience for your agents or advisors. Data collected through interaction on the platform allows us to align agent business goals with your organizational strategy so you can make medium to long-term decisions on your talent.


Advisor Transition Management

Leverage our tools to provide a clear succession path to retain top talent and the right books of business by accurately:
• Assessing distribution risk
• Identifying and creating a plan to close talent gaps
• Managing outcomes using a modern productivity suite



Advisor Recruitment

Find the right talent and connect with them using simple tools that help you manage tracking, easily configure career sites, and provides a pain-free candidate experience.



"FindBob has been a tremendous and collaborative partner in bringing to life and customizing this extensive platform so that Raymond James advisors can fully benefit from this comprehensive offering."

~ Robert Goff, Vice President, Succession & Acquisition Planning at Raymond James