Great for advisors and smart for business.

FindBob is the breakthrough that boosts advisor engagement and enables home offices with a talent operating system.




Advisor Engagement

Through agent and advisor interaction on the closed marketplace white-labelled for your distribution, we can align agent business goals with your organizational strategy.

Our engagement platform, which provides a simple and comfortable consumer-like experience, unlocks the agent and advisor data you need to make medium and long-term decisions on your talent.


Advisor Transition Management

Provide a clear path to success in order to retain top talent and the right books of business.

Leverage our tools to accurately:

• Assess distribution risk
• Identify and create a plan to close talent gaps
• Manage outcomes using a modern productivity suite



Advisor Recruitment

Discover and connect with the right talent with simple tools that help you manage applicant tracking, easily configure career sites, and provide a pain-free candidate experience.



"Providing value-added support to our agency partners is a key strategy at FMH. Looking for opportunities to grow or develop a transition plan for a book of business can be challenging for agents, and this tool is meant to ease that process as well as facilitate easier business transitions for customers." FMH President and CEO Ron Rutledge.