"Providing value-added support to our agency partners is a key strategy at FMH. Looking for opportunities to grow or develop a transition plan for a book of business can be challenging for agents, and this tool is meant to ease that process as well as facilitate easier business transitions for customers." FMH President and CEO Ron Rutledge.





Leverage your equity and attract ideal candidates.

Attract Top Candidates
Attract the right talent by tailoring requisitions to your talent gaps. Connect with candidates, offer relevant, localized, exciting equity opportunities, and a highly consumerized search experience.
Select only best-fit
Gain a holistic view of your entire talent pool and easily identify best-fit candidates; from mentoring internal candidates to searching for external candidates through to leveraging recommendations on passive candidates who match your criteria.
Enable Recruiters
Automate workflows to simplify the hiring process and reduce candidate friction.
Have a central place to view and review specific details about candidates across requisitions.
Ensure your hiring team takes the right actions, with the right candidates, at the right time so you don't lose out on great Advisors.
Never Lose a Candidate
Convert more advisors to your network with a streamlined experience. Utilize features such as applying with their LinkedIn profile to ensure the application process is pain-free and relevant based on the stage in their career.
Increase Inbound Apps
From configurable career sites to social requisition sharing and advisor referrals, FindBob provides the tools you need so you can reach wider audience - widening the top of funnel.
Data-Driven Decisions
Get the data you need to uncover bottlenecks and make improvements for faster time to hire. You can also take advantage of requisition analytics to track and visualize data that is most relevant to you.