"It’s exciting to work with a vendor as experienced as FindBob, but who still brings a fresh resource to the insurance industry. Many of our agents are in either acquisition mode or approaching retirement and this provides a great way to expand their options beyond their personal network." Grinnell AVP Sales, Service and Specialty Mike Shepardson.




Transition management has never been easier.

Talent Inventory
Take stock of your inventory and answer basic questions like how old is your talent pool, do you have a rich pool of candidates, and how much runway do you have to develop replacements for key producers.
FindBob automatically calculates risk and impact of loss within your distribution down to the individual Advisor or Agent level.  Host group assessments via our calibration sessions to review ratings and set platform and organizational priorities.
Visual Pipelines
FindBob makes it easy to organize, track, and streamline your case management process with customizable pipelines.
Nominate Talent

Instantly nominate internal or external succession, continuity or acquisition talent to key distribution talent across the company network.

Case Workflow
FindBob not only automates tedious and repetitive case management tasks, it suggests activities based on what it learns about your distribution and your priorities.
Reports You'll Use
Pipeline & activity reports take the guess work out of where cases are in the funnel so you can identify risks and where cases are stalled.  Marketplace reports highlight distribution engagement and behavior.