"Providing value-added support to our agency partners is a key strategy at FMH. Looking for opportunities to grow or develop a transition plan for a book of business can be challenging for agents, and this tool is meant to ease that process as well as facilitate easier business transitions for customers." FMH President and CEO Ron Rutledge.

Team Inventory
Identify the risks within your agent or advisor team.
Do you know where your team members are in their career - beyond just the number of years in the business?
Based on their specific goals, we can help identify potential partners, teaming opportunities, or the steps needed to take that green agent or advisor to the next level.
Gap Analysis
Once you have a handle on your current talent inventory, how does it align with taking your company to the next level?
What are the next steps? 
Identify where the gaps are in your talent force and the best strategy to bridge them.
Talent Management
Keep track of warm HR leads while trying to source cold ones.
Stay on track to fill your team pipeline, avoid missed opportunities and ensure successful transition plans are completed so your clients never notice a blip in service.
Prioritize Objectives

Mutually exclusive priorities or conflicting objectives? Which one gets priority? 

Based on long-term goals, we can help identify the best course of completion for each of your objectives - building on a sequential set of steps to ensure a successful completion to your Home Office objectives.

Candidate Matching
Leaving the perfect match to chance is risky.  Timing is key.  Grooming the right candidate to succeed to a large practice takes time and a plan. 
Match the right candidates to the right opportunity by identifying their strengths and growth opportunities.
Agent/Advisor Tools
Give your agents and advisors access to the right tools.
Help them:
- Stay up-to-date with accredited courses
- Evaluate the value of their practice
- Find the right growth opportunity
- Connect with a partner to fund their goals
- Grow into their next role