October 11, 2021

FindBob collaborates with Raymond James Financial to Launch its “Practice Exchange” platform for financial advisors



TORONTO, October 11, 2021 ( – FindBob has partnered with Raymond James Financial to develop and launch a robust and holistic succession planning platform, according to Roland Chan, founder and CEO of FindBob. Complementing its already-comprehensive succession and acquisition consulting infrastructure, Raymond James’ “Practice Exchange” platform comprises a new marketplace, enhanced practice management and education, and M&A tools.

Powered by FindBob, Practice Exchange is a cloud-based tool that uses sophisticated matching algorithms to match prospective sellers and successors, while also serving as a one-stop location for everything a financial advisor needs to develop and implement a smooth succession or acquisition strategy.

The platform streamlines succession and acquisition planning for Raymond James advisors by focusing on three key areas:

1. Increased efficiency via a robust marketplace that, powered by sophisticated matchmaking algorithms, helps advisors discover opportunities for growth and succession.

2. Empower advisors with educational resources and planning tools that help inspire action throughout the growth or succession strategy they choose.

3. Provide advisors with the ability to take control of the succession processes through an online deal room that provides them complete control over confidentiality, selection of buyers, and accelerate them to the deal-making process.

“As advisors plan for the future of their businesses, they need innovative retention and recruitment strategies,” said Chan. “Raymond James has been at the forefront of encouraging succession planning in the industry for years, and we’re excited to offer our leading transition management platform as the firm amplifies and scales their expertise to continuously address the needs of their advisors.”

“After working with advisors to understand the key areas from which they can benefit, we’re excited to be rolling out our Practice Exchange platform, as we continue to support financial advisors in expanding or exiting their business – on their own terms,” said Robert Goff, vice president, Succession & Acquisition Planning at Raymond James. “FindBob has been a tremendous and collaborative partner in bringing to life and customizing this extensive platform so that Raymond James advisors can fully benefit from this comprehensive offering.”


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