Who We Are

Did you know the average age of the independent financial advisor is 59?

Over 80% of those practice owners don’t have a transition/succession plan. With over $2.5 trillion in assets controlled by advisors in their 60’s and a lack of industry focus on growing next generation talent, the independent financial services industry is headed towards the perfect storm. Advisors aren’t planning either because they don’t want to retire or can’t retire because their lifestyle is largely cashflow dependent. For those advisors that do want to plan, they find the process far too difficult and there is no easy way to find an adequate buyer. The result is advisors and their financial institutions are in jeopardy of having their existing clients walk across the streets to the banks. So how can company motivate its advisors to care about transition without implementing policies, creating friction and frustrating independent advisors? How can we defrost this largely frozen marketplace?

The answer is FindBob. We’re a venture backed startup based in Richmond Hill, Ontario that makes it easy to buy & sell a book of business. It’s a win-win: financial institutions protect existing assets & generate new revenue streams, while advisors maximize the value of their most precious asset: their Book of Business – hence our name :-)


At FindBob our small team has a penchant for solving big problems. If you love and thrive on keeping up to date with and gaining a deep understanding of the latest technologies, you will love working with us. FindBob is as much about design as it is about employing diverse areas of Computer Science.

What You'll Do

  • Participate within an agile development process to help build out new features to the FindBob platform
  • Work collaboratively with management to iterate/refine on product requirements and deliver product features to match.
  • Use TDD to write well-tested code
  • Manage the release process for your changes and push to production
  • Participate in demos to show off changes that you’ve made

What We're Looking For

  • Comfortable with OO principles and fluency in at least one OO language.
  • Comfortable with relational databases and SQL
  • Familiar with Ruby on Rails, or the desire to learn it quickly
  • Familiar with basic web development using React
  • Familiar with UNIX commands
  • Experience with GIT
  • Experience with testing frameworks such as RSpec, Capybara, and Jest

Didn't See a Position that Fits?

We're always on the look-out for talented, skilled, and overall great people to join the FindBob team.

If you didn't see a current position that fits your skills, we'd still love to hear from you.

Please send your resume and letter telling us about yourself to: